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Cleaning: Some think it’s great, some hate it, but we (almost) all do it. So why not shift towards ecologically more sensible and green cleaning? Because what is rarely thought of: cleaning is harmful to the environment and our health.

The consequences are disastrous: a lot of packaging waste, polluted groundwater, plastic and microplastics and last but not least chemicals in the household. This is not how it has to be. We have started Green Household to present alternatives that are harmless to health and to show how easy it is to clean your home naturally, ecologically and without chemicals.

Wiese mit Sonnenuntergang, Umwelt

Green cleaning – good for the environment

Every year about 3.5 billion US dollar worth of household cleaning agents are sold in the US. These products contain surfactants, fragrances, dyes, preservatives or harsh chemicals such as chlorine, which are released into the waste water during rinsing. In addition, the surfactants are mostly produced on the basis of crude oil, so the cleaning agents are anything but ecological.

If pre-treated disposable cleaning towels, disposable cloths, gloves and special cleaning agents are added to this, the waste balance is devastating. Figures for how much cleaning agent-derived microplastics in the environment the USA is responsible for can hardly be found publicly. However, figures for some other countries are available: Example: Germany. To put this into perspective:  A study has shown that in Germany alone, 55 tonnes of microplastics from detergents, cleaning agents and cleaning products end up in wastewater every year. The USA has four times as many inhabitants as Germany. So run the numbers for yourself… 

More than enough reasons to do things differently!

Nachhaltig putzen, Gesundheit

Green cleaning – important for your health

Cleaning can be as harmful as smoking. A long-term study by the Norwegian University of Bergen showed that regular cleaning with aggressive substances affects lung function. The researchers found that for professional cleaners, constant contact with the toxic substances has a similar harmful effect on health as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. 

Frequent cleaning with aggressive substances weakens the immune system and can cause skin diseases like neurodermatitis and trigger allergies. In short, cleaning is stress for the body and the chemicals do not disappear after cleaning, but continue to pollute the environment in which they were used.

Nobody should clean themselves sick. Fortunately, there is another way!

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How does it work?

Here at Green Household you will learn how to create a clean environment for yourself and your loved ones. In a natural way, without harming your health and ecologically compatible. 

On these pages you will find, among other things, the basics, recipes for homemade cleaners, green cleaning tips, organic cleaners, green cleaning supplies and a broad knowledge base about natural cleaning and a green home in general.

What to do? Read it in, get started and tell others!

This is new at Green Household

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For all those who would like to deal more intensively with the topics of natural, ecological and sustainable cleaning. If you already know the basics and want to deepen your knowledge, this is the right place. This is a selection of the best books on green cleaning: 

Mikroplastik im Ozean

Cleaning plastic free

If you make your own cleaning products or use sustainable alternatives, you can avoid a large proportion of the plastics and microplastics that gets into the groundwater through packaging waste, cleaning cloths and special cleaning agents during conventional cleaning.

Homemade cleaner DIY