Cleaning plastic free and avoiding microplastics

cleaning plastic free. Avoiding microplastics. green cleaning.

If you make your own cleaning products or use sustainable alternatives, you can avoid a large proportion of the plastics and microplastics that gets into the groundwater through packaging waste, cleaning cloths and special cleaning agents during conventional cleaning. Why plastics and microplastics should be avoided has been sufficiently proven by now. 

Another source of plastics and microplastics in groundwater are objects containing microfibres. This is also relevant in the household and especially when cleaning. Therefore, here are two special tips on how you can avoid plastics and microplastics even better when cleaning and washing.

1. Cleaning without microplastics

Do not use microfibre cloths for cleaning and rinsing. The fibres may come loose during washing and get into the ground water. Therefore, only bamboo cloths without microfibre are recommended for sustainable cleaning. If you buy your cloths elsewhere, make sure that they do not contain microfibre and ask if necessary.

2. Washing without microplastics

In 2016, an invention came onto the market that is designed to prevent microfibres that come off the laundry from entering the groundwater during washing: called “Guppy Friend“. This is a finely woven washing bag.