Tips for green cleaning

cleaning hacks. green cleaning.

12 cleaning hacks: green and natural cleaning

With these cleaning hacks you can clean your home sustainably and minimize health risks: 

1. Universalists before specialists

Universalists before specialists. This means: don’t buy special cleaning agents. Better: make homemade cleaners yourself, that are universally applicable or use environmentally friendly products.

2. Dosage

Observe dosage. Because in this case a lot does not help much, it is simply too much.

3. Do not mix

If you use chemical cleaners, never mix different them. This can lead to undesirable chemical reactions that are harmful to health.

4. Avoid packaging waste

Buy vinegar and citric acid and pour water over it at home in reusable containers. A glass spray bottle is useful for storing and using homemade cleaning products. In this way a lot of packaging waste can be avoided.

5. Bamboo cloths

Use bamboo cloths. They absorb dirt well and require little cleaning agent.

6. Clean the drain

Clean blocked drains mechanically rather than chemically: This is possible with suction pumps, bells or spirals

7. Mind danger labels

Particularly harmful cleaning agents are marked with danger symbols. Mind those symbols. Try to avoid cleaning agents with any danger symbols on the packaging.

8. No fragrance stones

Fragrance stones in the toilet have little use and leave residues in the waste water. It is better not to use them. 

9. Airing

Do without fragrance sprays. The better alternative is one of the easiest cleaning hacks: Ventilation. If that does not help, the source of the bad smell in the apartment should be found anyway.

10. Muscles instead of chemicals

Muscle power and scrubbing are often enough to replace aggressive, harmful cleaners.

11. Clean immediately

Do not let lime stains develop in the first place. Instead, just get to work immediately. After showering for example, dry the tiles and glass surfaces with a squeegee or cloth.

12. Copper cloths

Copper cloths are a real insider tip. This material is antibacterial and therefore works even without cleaning agents. Copper removes rust, adds shine and gently cleans kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, the sink, the stove and even the ceramic hob. Why? Copper is a relatively soft metal that does not leave scratches when wet in harder materials.