Does cleaning damage your health?

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Short answer: Yes, through a mixture of convenience, a high need for cleanliness and an industry that exploits both.

Longer answer: The average person spends about 3 hours per week cleaning. About one third of all those, responsible for cleaning find little pleasure in it.  Many modern cleaning products therefore promise fast results and thorough cleaning. We are happy about the time savings, but we do not worry about the ingredients we use.

However, the promises made by the industry are often at the expense of the environment and our own health. We see the hazard labels on the products we use for cleaning: irritant, corrosive, oxidizing and toxic. But the power of habit leads us to hide these symbols. We have been buying these products for year and day, our friends do the same. If you can buy these cleaning products in the supermarket, shouldn’t they be safe?

According to a study by Environmental Science & Technology this is not always the case. Researchers from the Natural Resources Defense Council found 45 different toxic chemicals in house dust. These included substances such as phthalates, which can act like hormones in the body and are suspected of causing infertility, obesity and diabetes in men. The source of these substances can be chemicals in cleaning products and personal care products, among other things.

This substance was also found in the study:


This substance is an antimicrobial agent and is used in cosmetic preparations and disinfectants, among other things. Triclosan is suspected of causing various disorders in the human body: A decrease in fertility, reduced size in newborns and a higher risk of asthma and allergies. In the USA, for example, its use in soaps is already prohibited.

How can you avoid these harmful cleaning agents?

Green cleaning. This means cleaning without chemicals, or at least with as few harmful chemicals as possible. So:

Use less cleaning products and avoid using special cleaning agents.

Make your own homemade cleaners

In order to make homemade cleaners yourself, you do not need many ingredients. Mostly vinegar, citric acid & Co. These ingredients are harmless for the body.

Buy brands that place a high value on environmental friendliness

Rule of thumb: Whatever protects the environment is also the better choice for human health. There are some brands that do without harmful substances in their cleaning products. We have listed a few of these products. They are a good alternative to homemade cleaners if you don’t have the time.