Green Cleaning Supplies

natural cleaning. homemade cleaners. green cleaning supplies.

Green cleaning begins with the right green cleaning supplies. The criteria: Reusable, durable and made of ecological materials.  


Here you will find a selection of suitable containers for the storage and application of our homemade cleaning products. Glass hardly wears out and keeps the cleaning agents fresh for a long time. So you can clean plastic-free and waste-free in the future. 

What you can find here:

preserving jars, glass spray bottles


Cleaning brushes

Grandma always knew it: It goes away if you scrub properly. Most coarse impurities, for which we are used to using chemicals, disappear with a little muscle power. And with one of these wooden brushes made of certified sustainable materials.  

What you can find here:

Regular brushes, scrub brushes, dishwashing brushes, toilet brushes

Reinigungsperlen aus Metall

Cleaning beads

The stainless steel beads dissolve contaminants from bottles and hard-to-reach-the-bottom containers without scratching and without chemicals. Simply place the cleaning beads in the vessel to be cleaned with water and a homemade detergent or an organic cleaner and sway back and forth a few times. 

What you can find here:

Cleaning stones and cleaning beads


Cloths and rags

One thing is clear: the right cloths, cleaning cloths and sponges are the be-all and end-all when cleaning. 

Here you will find sustainable cleaning cloths: Durable products made of environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, cotton, loofah and even copper. All products do not contain any microplastics.

What you can find here:

Bamboo cloths, bamboo tea towels, cotton dishwashing sponges, bamboo microfibre cloths


Environmentally friendly washing

Here you can find information about environmentally friendly washing: Environmentally friendly products made of environmentally friendly materials, wash balls, dryer balls and detergents.

What you can find here:

Organic wash balls, organic dryer balls and organic detergents


Supplies – Making cleaning products yourself

Supplies for storage and usage of your DIY cleaners.

What you can find here:

Labels, measuring cups, measuring spoons, funnels